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Academy Awards 2019 Last-Minute Thoughts and Predictions

INTRO STUFF* *this was my placeholder for an intro I was going to come back and write. It now serves as the entire introduction. BEST PICTURE This year's slate is maybe the most interesting slate in years. (As distinct from "best".) For one thing, it's a truly eclectic mix both of genres and qualities.  There's finally a Comic-Book Superhero movie in the mix for the first time.  Spike Lee toned things down just enough for the Academy to not be scared of him.  The obligatory gay period drama was actually a bugnuts crazy awesome comedy.   The other gay period drama was actually a cover band concert video interspersed with "dramatic" scenes that amounted to Walk Hard minus the jokes, all directed (ish) by a man who got kicked out of Hollywood (ish) for raping too many teens. (Or at least getting caught. (Ish)).  A slow, black-and-white, foreign-language drama got a bunch of nominations despite being from the hated-by-Hollywood Netfli