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Domestic Disturbance belongs to a genre largely abandoned by Hollywood in the last couple of decades - the glossy, star-driven adult-oriented thriller. It's not a particularly good one, but watching it got me musing on how even mediocrities can gain a strange nostalgia through time. Spoilers, though there's not much to spoil. Hell, I'll probably have forgotten what I was writing about by the end of the review.   12-year-old Danny Morrison (Matt O'Leary) is struggling with watching his mother (Teri Polo) get remarried to rich and charming but cold Rick Barnes (Vince Vaughn), even more so than Danny's father, Frank (John Travolta). But this escalates massively when a mysterious old buddy of Rick's (Steve Buscemi) comes into town... and Danny witnesses Rick murder the stranger. But nobody believes Danny, except his father, who starts doing some amateur investigating of his own. If that sounds exactly like a thou sand other thrillers and episodes-of-the-week of TV