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Hereditary [2018]

After the rather abysmal showing for the genre in the 'aughts, horror has made a major resurgence in the last decade. Part of the trend has been for some of the small, artsier indies getting surprisingly wide releases and marketing budgets, The VVitch and It Comes At Night being two of the most prominent examples. They've gotten somewhat mixed reactions - some appreciate the slow-burn, intellectual approach, while others are put off by the lack of distinct jump-scares or other genre staples, to the point that some argue they aren't horror films. (They are.) The VVitch , ultimately, made solid money for such an arty, low-budget film and is generally well-regarded, while It Comes at Night was widely rejected by audiences. Hereditary joins this group, and, at least initially, seems to have found greater success than even The VVitch , though it remains to be seen how it ultimately fares. Writer / director Ari Aster, in his debut feature, meticulously crafts a grim, mor