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Hulk [2003]

We're gonna have to watch that temper of yours. The third era of superhero films struggled with the question of what a superhero movie was. It's an important business question, after all: if you're dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into exploiting these properties, how do you distill it into a formula?  Given studios' inherent chasing of formula, Ang Lee remains one of the most intriguing choices for director of a superhero film. In 2003, he was known primarily for dramas exploring repression, notably in the West in Sense and Sensibility  and The Ice Storm ; even his great action epic, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon , found its' real dramatic power in the unleashing of repression -- particularly in the tragic final revelations that are unveiled too late. But if there's one superhero he was suited for, it was the Hulk -- a man who turned into a monster when his rage overtook him. And Lee, being an outsider approaching the genre, figured out the gr